Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring 2012 Art Classes for Ages 2-10

 APRIL 17th-JUNE 22nd

In this class we have FUN while learning the basics of drawing and painting with all sorts of media. 
Projects are based around the fundamentals of art, such as line, value, form, and perspective, but the
student will have such a great time creating they will have no idea that they are actually learning! 
Open to all levels of artists.
Mondays 4-5:30pm for 3nd-5th graders (8 classes for $240 includes all materials)
Mondays 3-4 for 1st-2nd graders (8 classes for $200 includes all materials)
Tuesdays 4:15-5:15 Siblings Class PreK-3rd grade (10 classes $250 per student,
includes all materials)- this class is open to all, you don't have to have a sibling
to take this class!

This class is designed specifically for all those fabulous kindergarteners who have had a
long day at school and just want to KREATE with a capital K.  In this class the students
learn about the many different materials that are used for painting, drawing collaging, and
almost anything else they can imagine. 
Tuesdays 3-4pm (10 classes $250 includes all materials)

Let your child explore the world of art and all the tools that go along with it.  In this class
 we focus on learning about scissors, glue, paints, pens, pencils, and many other useful
things and the proper way to use them.  The class revolves around fun and creating.
Fridays 9:30am-10:30am for ages 2-4 (10 classes $250 includes materials)

If you have any questions or would like to enroll in any of the above classes, please email
theredbowstudio@gmail.com or call (516) 676-4324.

Summer Morning Camp at Red Bow Studio 2012

9:30AM to 12 Noon Tuesdays-Thursdays
COST: $175 Per week includes all materials.
During the summer morning camp we will focus on a single area of art and create artwork portraying what we have learned.  These classes are for children ages 6-10 (or with permission) who are serious about their artwork and would like to spend their mornings creating in an intimate studio setting with friends.  We will be learning techniques and skills in each area that they will be able to use beyond the class.  We will also have a lot of fun.  Due to studio size, there is a maximum of six students per week.  Sign ups are per week and you may sign your child up for as many or few weeks as you like.

Week 1 Printing June 26,27,&28

In the first week of mini-camp we will learn about printing with foam, plastic stamps and stencils.  On the first day we will work with brayers and stamps to create simple prints.  The other days the campers will create their own designs and then print them.

Week 2 Paint A Canvas July 17,18&19

The second week of camp will be spent with acrylics painting a canvas. On the first day we will sketch out our ideas and draw them onto our canvas.  The second and third days will be spent working with the acrylic paints, focusing on color and form.

Week 3 Still Life & Portrait Painting July 24,25& 26
Our third week will focus on still life painting.  We will learn all about the face and body and use it to create drawings and paintings.  By the end of these three days, your camper will be confidant in drawing the human body.

Week 4 Create a Shrine July 31, August 1&2

In week four we will create a shrine out of a cigar box.  Each child will choose a theme for their “shrine” and then paint and embellish the box based on their ideas.  
Week 5 Collage Modge-Podge Aug 7,8&9
In week five, we will spend our time cutting with scissors and creating collages with Mod Podge.  We will decorate a home item (Your choice a lamp or a tray) that can be used for the years ahead.

Please call or email the studio to sign up! ($50 deposit towards the class required to reserve a spot)

Private art lessons for groups and individuals available over the summer.  Please contact the studio for more information.

In addition to the Weekday Morning Camp, Red Bow will offer a Friday morning  PreK-6yrs.  This class will be a six week class from July 20th to August 24th.  $180 per child