Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Update

 Above is a picture from the Paint a Canvas week!

Summer classes at Red Bow have begun.  It's a new venue, but the creativity and fun are just the same!  After this week there are two weeks of  morning mini camp left- Create a Shrine and Collage Modge Podge.
 Week 4 Create a Shrine July 31, August 1 &2 (Pictured Above)
In week four we will create a shrine out of a cigar box.  Each child will choose a theme for their “shrine” and then paint and embellish the box based on their ideas.  
Week 5 Collage Modge-Podge August 7,8&9 (Lamp Above)
In week five, we will spend our time cutting with scissors and creating collages with Mod Podge.  We will decorate a home item (Your choice a lamp or a tray) that can be used for the years ahead. 

If you are interested in signing up, please email the studio at theredbowstudio at gmail dot com.

On Mondays from 10-11:30AM I have a 1st grade art class that is running.  There are a couple of spots left so email me if you would like to sign up theredbowstudio at gmail dot com.  In this class we are drawing painting and creating outdoors.  This week was the first class and everyone had a BLAST.  (The hour and a half flew past in the blink of an eye.)

I am trying to form a friday Mommy and Me class for the younger children from 9:30-10:30Am.  If there is any interest, please email me. 

Enjoy your summers! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

K. DiResta Collective

The lovely Kathleen DiResta has opened the K. DiResta Collective at 212 Sea Cliff Avenue, and it's fabulous! Her shop has artwork from many different local artists and she has kindly added Red Bow creations to her merchandise!!  Kathleen will be hosting jewelry making birthday parties and classes at her shop/studio and word has it that some future art journaling may be happening here.  She is also a wonder with redesigning and fixing old jewelry, so keep her in mind when you want to add something fabulous to your jewelry collection.
If you are looking for a gift or some inspiration, please visit her store at 212 Sea Cliff Avenue.