Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Red Bow Bookmaking Class

Day of Bookmaking
March 9, 9:30am-Noon
$55 per child, ages K-4

Hello All!  I am opening up my studio Friday morning for a bookmaking class.  It's parent/teacher conference day (as you all know), so I thought I'd give parents the option to drop their children off at my studio for the morning.  This class will be set up just like a summer mini camp day- from 9:30am to noon.  In this workshop, we will work to create a small book inspired by the stories in our everyday lives.  The young artist's will collage, paint, draw and use any other media they see fit to illustrate their stories.  I will do my best to help all of the young artists realize their ideas in the allotted time we have available.  From past experience, each book will be completely different; some filled with text, others a potpourri of drawings and paintings.  We will try to fit in as much art making as possible in creating our books.  For those who are familiar with my studio- YES the typewriter will be available to use.  I need 4 children to run the class, max 8 children.  Please email me with any questions.