Sunday, October 24, 2010

What to Do With a Brand New Book

Recently Red Bow Studio hosted a wonderful bookmaking workshop taught by Jen Shaffer.  One of our regulars, Fran, attended the workshop and made a fabulous hardbound sketchbook.  I was lucky enough to peek inside of her sketchbook today and to my surprise, it was filled with lovely sketches!
I always find that it is very difficult to begin drawing or writing in a brand new sketchbook (or blank book).  Where do you begin?  How will the drawings ever be as beautiful as the book itself?  I have to admit, the book I made is still sitting on the shelf, empty of inspiration.
Fran has blossomed at Red Bow...

I can't get enough of all her writing and painting and am so thankful she let me share all of her super-inspirational art.
In a nutshell...Fran is on fire!
Thank you Fran for all of the inspiration!!
Red Bow will be hosting two more workshops by Jen Shaffer on Saturday, December 11th.  Red Bow hosts adult art journaling classes every Tuesday night 7-9pm and Thursday morning 10am-noon at the studio.  Everyone is welcome to join!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lovely Cutout Artwork

 abstract painting by Grace
Classes at the studio have been filling up and it's wonderful to watch all of the artwork being generated by our young artistes. The craft hole punches have been a hit with everyone young and old. Who doesn't love a bunch of patterned hearts, stars, and crowns floating around a studio? The young hands have been getting a workout with all of the hole punching being done. One child sat for a good hour punching out a design on one piece of paper, which he turned into a very creative monster. It's wonderful to have all of the positive energy traveling through the studio everyday. Thank you to all who are involved.
If you are far away and not able to visit the studio, you can still craft punch at home. Martha Stewart makes fabulous craft punches that you can find everywhere from Michael's (be sure you get the 40% coupon out of your local circular) or you may get lucky and find them at T.J. Maxx or Tuesday Morning for a fraction of the price.  Good punching!
fingerprint painting by Ruby
rainbow painting by Maya

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Garland Workshop Sunday October 24, 3-5pm

On Sunday, October 24 at 3pm Red Bow will offer a garland making workshop.  You will learn how to punch out the shapes, glue them together, and string them up, so that you can make lovely decorations for your home to use over the holidays or all year round.  Please call or email the studio to sign up.
Workshop cost: $25 (includes all materials)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Workshop Schedule

Hello All- Here is the tentative Fall Workshop Schedule.  I will be posting more information about each workshop in the near future, but I wanted to get the schedule out to everyone.  Most adult workshops will be taking place on Sunday afternoons from 3-5pm, so that they don't interfere with weekend plans.  Workshops that involve children will take place Saturday mornings 10-noon.  Workshops are limited to 6-8 people due to space size As always, please call or email the studio if you have any questions.

Adult Workshops Sundays 3pm-5pm
October 24            Garland Workshop
November 7          Create your own Rubber Stamp and Print It Workshop
November 14        Watercolor Workshop- Create a Watercolor Inspired by Tarot Reading
December 5           Glass Glitter Workshop
December 11         Create A Book Workshops With Jen Shaffer
December 12         Card & Tag Stamp Printing Workshop
Parent & Child Workshops 10am-Noon
November 13        Decoupage a Cigar Box
December 18        Card and Tag Printing Workshop

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Little Geurilla Marketers

If you've visited Red Bow lately, you might have said "Hi" to a little girl in the doorway who greets everyone passing by. If you're lucky, you might stop by and find Little T and her friend A playing an impromptu concert on the stoop. This is Little T's way of letting the world know about Red Bow Studio. She's a big fan of guerrilla marketing and hands out Red Bow magnets to all who visit the studio.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


To all who visited us at Sea Cliff Mini Mart this past weekend- THANK YOU!  It was wonderful to see so many new faces and talk to so many people involved in art.  Hopefully it will generate more buzz about the studio, as I love to see new faces!    Thank you to Jen of Painted Fish Studio for joining me at my booth.  She has a wonderful product and lots of interesting conversation, so not once did I look at my watch all day!

If you'd like more information about what's going on, call or email.  I hope to post the upcoming workshop schedule this week.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall 2010 Calendar

Red Bow Studio Calendar 2010

Drawing/Painting (3-5 grade)

Drawing/Painting (K-2 grade)

Adult Art Journaling

Fiddling Fingers (ages 2-4)

Portfolio (6-12 grade)

Drawing/Painting (K-2 grade)

                       10am-noon       Adult Art Journaling

First day of Fall Art Classes

Bookbinding Workshops

Mini Mart

Columbus Day- studio closed

Thanksgiving Week- studio closed

Drawing/Painting Show

Portfolio Show

Art Journaling Show

Drawing/Painting Show

Students are allowed to reschedule up to two classes.  Each class will host an art show at the end of the class session and everyone is invited to see their artwork!  The studio is opened by appointment (or chance) on Fridays-Sundays.  Workshops will be added to the schedule.