Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ladies Nights

Please join us in June for a series of ladies nights. Workshops will begin at 7pm and continue until everyone has finished their project (or wine;). All prices include materials and light hors d’oeuvres. Each workshop is intended to be super casual and fun, and a way to meet other ladies in the community. The first workshop is Wednesday, so mark your calendars! Everyone is welcome. Please email to sign up or call (516) 676-4324.

June 16
Wishing Wheels $15
In this workshop we will create wishing wheels, which can also be used to list your goals or any other list of ideas.  You can make a wheel for dad listing all the wonderful things you love about him.

June 23
Garlands $20
In this workshop we will create party garlands, which can be used to decorate a houseplant or hung in any room to jazz it up.  They are a fun way to personalize parties as well.

June 30
Painted Rocks & Shells $15
In this workshop we will use acrylic to paint designs on found rocks and shells.  They can be used for decorations, gifts, in a clear vase to hold flowers- the uses are endless.  Bring a huge rock to paint and you can use it as a garden decoration or a doorstop!

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