Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adult Summer Workshops

Below are the adult workshop offerings for the summer.  I still have to add some details, but for the most part, all of the information can be found below.  I may add a workshop or two depending on how the summer goes.  If I left out information, please email me!!  If you would like to sign up, please email or call the studio.  (The information is in the sidebar).  Each workshop is limited to 6 participants due to studio size.  Each workshop is from 7-9pm at night and they are for adults over age 21 so that you are allowed to bring beverages of your choice.

Decoupage a cigar box- Monday, July 11th- $35
In this workshop we will collage over a cigar box with magazine cut outs, drawings, tissue paper, and many other things to turn it into our own special creation.  These boxes are great as a gift or to use at home to store your treasures. 

Rock Painting- Wednesday, July 20th- $35
A fun and easy workshop, we will take everyday rocks and paint designs on them with acrylic paints.  Afterwards they will be sprayed with an acrylic fixative so they will last for years to come.

Paint a Canvas- Monday, August 1st and 8th- $95
In this two part workshop series, you will use acrylic paints to paint a 8”x12” canvas.  Ideally you will bring a picture from home or a drawing you have already created, and you will paint it onto a canvas with acrylic paints.  Patricia Weiss will help you with layout, color choice and form of your painting.

Create a Shrine- Wednesday, August 17th- $55
In this workshop you will paint, glue, and cut to create your very own shrine out of a cigar box (or any other special box you’d like to bring in).  The theme is yours for the choosing, and you can bring in trinkets and what not to embellish the box.  We will have goodies at the studio for you to use as well.

Cork Board Workshop- Thursday September 8th- $55
Start collecting corks, because it takes a lot to create a cork board!  In this workshop we will use a glue gun and frame to create our very own cork boards.


  1. Yay! I've got my cork collection ready! I'll keep working on it, through the summer ;) About how many did you use for your board at the studio, Patricia?

  2. they all sound really fun! wish i wasn't so far away!

  3. what fun!! wish i could come!