Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adult Hula Hoop Workshops with hooper Alison Lerman

The long awaited workshop is here!  Hooper Alison Lerman has graciously decided to host a hoop-making workshop on Sunday December 4th from 1-3pm.  The hoops will already be constructed (but she will give a quick description of how to do it at home), and then the taping will begin.  She will guide everyone how to wrap there hoops with special tape and describe why each is important.  Please bring yourselves and your questions to the workshop for an afternoon of fun.  The cost is $45 which includes all materials.  A week later Alison will be hosting a hoop jam in town that everyone is invited to participate in- and you could do it with your brand new hoop!  Please contact Red Bow to sign up.  There are six spaces in this workshop.