Sunday, October 24, 2010

What to Do With a Brand New Book

Recently Red Bow Studio hosted a wonderful bookmaking workshop taught by Jen Shaffer.  One of our regulars, Fran, attended the workshop and made a fabulous hardbound sketchbook.  I was lucky enough to peek inside of her sketchbook today and to my surprise, it was filled with lovely sketches!
I always find that it is very difficult to begin drawing or writing in a brand new sketchbook (or blank book).  Where do you begin?  How will the drawings ever be as beautiful as the book itself?  I have to admit, the book I made is still sitting on the shelf, empty of inspiration.
Fran has blossomed at Red Bow...

I can't get enough of all her writing and painting and am so thankful she let me share all of her super-inspirational art.
In a nutshell...Fran is on fire!
Thank you Fran for all of the inspiration!!
Red Bow will be hosting two more workshops by Jen Shaffer on Saturday, December 11th.  Red Bow hosts adult art journaling classes every Tuesday night 7-9pm and Thursday morning 10am-noon at the studio.  Everyone is welcome to join!


  1. OMG! i LOVE what fran is doing in her journal! i am jumping for joy and am in awe of her drawing/journaling skills. i hope she fills journal after journal. send her my best!

  2. So great isn't it? She and her mom plan on attending one of your December workshops.

  3. jen taught me how to make/bind a book with coptic stitching just this past weekend and she is an AMAZING teacher! i love that you've shown here what fran did in her sketchbook - also amazing! oh, i love peeking into others' sketchbooks, and i love the pictures of your studio!

  4. can't wait to take the workshop in December w/ my mom. She just loved my book. I'm filling up my journal!.. today's subject - my son's Nerf gun ;)